Peiffer Oil & Propane: Lubricants Product Line

Peiffer Oil & Propane Inc. is an authorized Shell products provider. We also have many other brands for your convenience. Delivery is available. Contact us if you need a different product and we will do our best to assist you.

Peiffer Products: GREASE

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Shell Industrial Grease

Shell Gadus S2 V220

Shell Gadus S2 V460A


Mobil Industrial Grease

Mobil Temp SHC 32


Phillips Industrial Grease

Phillips Dynalife HT2


Chevron Industrial Grease

Chevron Black Pearl EP2


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Shell Hydraulic oil

Shell Tellus S2 M

Shell Tellus S2 MX


Fuchs Hydraulic Oil

Fuchs FM Hydraulic 68


Mobil Hydraulic Oil

Mobil DTE 25

Mobil DTE 26

Mobil Vacuoline 1405

Peiffer Products: MACHINE & SPINDLE OILS

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Shell Advanced Bearing & Circulating Oils

Shell Morlina S4 B 68

Shell Morlina S4 B 220

Shell Omala S2 G 680

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Shell Machine Tool Slide Oil

Shell Tonna S2 MX 220

Shell Tonna S2 MX 68


Mobil Machine Tool spindle oil

Mobil Velocite #3

Peiffer Products: ENGINE OILS

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Shell heavy duty Engine Oils

Shell Rotella T4 TriP 10W30

Shell Rotella T4 TriP 15W40


Mobil Heavy Duty Engine oils

Mobil Delvac 10W30

Peiffer Products: TERRA CAIRE DEF

Terra Caire blue def.jpg

Terra Caire Deisel Exhaust Fluid

Terra Caire DEF